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Hi guys! Today my article will be about carding forums. What is it and why do users visit such sites? Carding forum is a web platform that consists of a marketplace and a discussion forum. This is a good opportunity for those who never do carding and want to start. First of all, they can visit this forum to learn more about carding and get instructions and guides from professional cybercriminals. In addition, they can get advice from other customers about verified suppliers. And finally, they can get cc, cvv, dumps and other carding stuff right there without leaving the site.

When I searched through the Darknet, I came across a carding forum that is It turned out that this forum is quite popular among cybercriminals and hackers. There were lots of reviews from users in private forums about this web service. Most of them were very positive as customers were satisfied with service, quality and card details. However, there were buyers who complained and left negative feedback. 

There are many fraudulent projects on the darknet. All users should pay attention to even the smallest details of the communication process with the selected provider. If they see something suspicious, they need to check the provider or ask for feedback on private forums. It is much more difficult for beginners to distinguish a real vendor from scammers. But this kind of carding shop, where people not only discuss and exchange information, but also recommend proven and reliable suppliers, is the perfect way to start doing carding for beginners.

The website looks pretty simple. The background is dark and the sections are highlighted. 

The interface of this carding forum looks quite typical. A range of sections with numerous threads is placed right on the homepage. Services Forum, Verified Trusted Sellers – 100% warranty checked services, International Carding Marketplace, Black List – Scan & Rippers are among other large sections of the forum where everyone is able to find useful information.The most visited threads include Dumps with pin, Virtual card visa prepared loaded+101 dumps+pin, Stuff and carding services, Sell & Buy CC, dumps, dumps with pin, Sell & Buy Enroll, Bank account, and others.The marketplace of this carding forum offers a variety of forbidden and stolen stuff like DDOS, hacked electronics, cc data, and stolen iphones. 

This forum is a store of various illegal things, associated with carding. In case you want to get fullz, dumps, contacts, cc data, you have to go to the corresponding stream where you can find what you need. In addition, this site allows you to learn more about carding and cashing out before purchasing data. Registered participants share their experiences with forum users. They leave guides and instructions on how to do carding, how to make a cashout, what you need to become a carder, and so on. Therefore, this type of forum attracts most customers who are looking for a reliable carding shop.

Escrow service is a special feature that helps to keep both sides of the transaction in equal positions. It is like an intermediary between customers and suppliers that regulates the workflow. This is very useful when a vendor does not want to send an order after payment is complete, or when a customer takes fullz but does not pay for it. Escrow service aims to resolve such situations.

Then we decided to check the whois of this forum. The domain was registered in almost two years ago, on December’17.  It means that this carding forum has existed for a long time for such kind of websites that are placed in the Darknet. The registrant country is Canada. We also collected the statistics of visiting the website for the last year. It turned out that this forum has more than 1,500 visitors every day. 

In order to be able to get access to the Darknet websites, you have to download the Tor browser or use a VPN/proxy to hide your IP-address. Never come to such websites and certainly not pass registration through ordinary browsers like Google Chrome, Opera. As soon as you log in and leave your personal information somewhere on this site without a VPN or Tor, the Internet police starts watching you. And you may be caught soon doing any illegal activities.

Guys, in case you know something about this carding store, or you have experience with it vendors, please leave your feedback here in the comment line.