Loan Carding Methods

Complete Guide to Loan Carding Methods in 2024

People in big busy cities such as those in the United States are particularly vulnerable to credit card fraud. This modus of illicitly obtaining credit card information and unauthorized access to credit accounts is infamously known as carding. 

There are many methods by which carders steal credit card information and the card holders’ identities to make malicious transactions, primarily in online marketplaces.

This guide provides an in-depth look at the inner workings of carding, especially when it comes to applying for loans and other credit transactions. These methods are sourced from various carding forums and accounts of carders themselves.

A Review on Carding: What Is Carding?

The use of a stolen credit card to buy gift cards or charge prepaid cards is known as “carding,” a type of credit card fraud. It is common for thieves to purchase store-branded gift cards, which can then be sold to others or used to buy things that can subsequently be sold for cash. 

“Carder” is the term used to refer to those individuals who commit credit card theft in this manner. Once a hacker gains access to a store or website’s credit card processing system, they can collect a list of recently used credit or debit cards. 

The security software and technology designed to secure credit card accounts may have flaws that hackers can take advantage of. They might also obtain credit card information by scanning magnetic card strips and copying the data with scanners.

How It Works: How Does a Carding Attack Happen?

Below are the specific steps by which a carding attack might occur at the hands of a carder. Note that these are the general steps that one must take note of regarding how carding happens.

  1. An attacker can get a list of stolen credit card numbers through a criminal marketplace or by hacking a website or payment channel. Either way, the attacker ends up with the same result: a list of stolen credit card numbers. Their quality is frequently undetermined.
  2. The attacker makes use of a bot to conduct a series of low-value transactions across a number of different payment platforms. Each attempt compares a card number against the payment procedures of a business to determine whether the card information is legitimate.
  3. Thousands of credit card validation attempts are made before valid credit card information is obtained.
  4. Cards that have been used to commit additional crimes or that have been sold to organized crime groups are kept in a separate list.
  5. It’s very uncommon for a victim of credit card theft to be utterly unaware that their money has been stolen and used without their permission.

Those are the typical steps involved in executing a carding attack. This can be done by stealing gift cards and even filing for loans and credit transactions.

Loan Carding Method: What Is It?

Now that you have general information as to what carding is, why, and how it is done, you can apply the essential processes of carding in the context of loans. Basically, the loan carding method pertains to using stolen credit cards in fraudulent loan transactions. 

Any dishonest behavior intended to obtain a financial advantage during the loan application process is referred to as loan fraud, lending fraud, or lending theft. The foundation of all lending fraud is dishonesty. Someone is acting dishonestly at some stage during the money loan procedure.

There are two typical approaches for carding loans. These include using Fullz or the SBA Carding Method.

Carding Loans Through the SBA Carding Method

The SBA carding method is known to be a strategy that helps carders produce far more results, and those results often turn out to be accurate. It is among the top methods employed by pro carders.

Essential Considerations for the SBA Carding Method

Take note of the following tips used in the SBA Carding Method:

  1. It’s better to obtain a state IP that matches the fullz you’re using, and the IP you used for the initial personal loan should be the same IP you use going forward.
  2. Complete the job using the device you started with. This applies both to using computers and smartphones.
  3. Your government-managed retirement number should have a high FICO score, not a low one. Credit providers don’t give out money to somebody they doubt will return it.
  4. If the bank account receiving the funds is registered under the same name as the applicant on the credit application, there is a greater likelihood that the funds will be paid.
  5. However, if you don’t have a record with the same name as your Social Security number, you can still use the methods listed below to transfer the money.

To continue using the SBA Carding technique in 2022, you must create a PayPal account with your Social Security number or fullz information.

Things You Need for SBA Carding

Make sure you know the answers to the following questions before you begin an application with the SBA because they ask similar things. 

  1. Type of vehicle owned. The best answer to these tricky questions is typically none of the above.
  2. Birthdate. Since a date of birth appears on every government-managed retirement number, this is the most straightforward query.
  3. SBA-related processes and procedures per associated area or state
  4. You can now obtain the corresponding location and related family members from foundation locations such as truth finder, family tree, or People Finder, a TLO plug SBA Carding Method in 2022.
  5. Given the high demand, it may take two to three days or even longer to get a response to your SBA application.
  6. After all your data and information have been confirmed, you will be endorsed.

Prior to applying for SBA credit, be aware that if the name on your federal retirement aid data is different from the name on your credit record, you will most likely be denied.

In continuation:

  1. After you have completed the primary stage of recording the SBA, you will receive an email asking you to share information within 2/3 days.
  2. When you generate a record, you will be able to amend the amount of money that you are qualified to get. As a result, depending on the limitations of the record or the pre-loaded card that you acquired, you will need to click here to change the total amount.
  3. Because they do not deliver in increments, the total amount that you type here is the amount that will be paid to you in one lump sum. You are free to enter any number that corresponds to the amounts that you require them to provide you.
  4. After you have validated the receiving account, it will be subjected to a comprehensive review.
  5. The subsequent step will be the stage known as “confirmation.” You will receive a request for information identifying your birth date, the location associated with it, and the family members that are connected to you.
  6. Your personality won’t be assessed if you answer more than one question incorrectly. You won’t get paid if you answer incorrectly or if you forget.
  7. In order to determine if you have been accepted, you must correctly answer all of the questions. You will then receive an email.
  8. You can allow a considerable payment to be paid to your client if their record has a high cutoff.

Loan Carding via Fullz

Carding and financial fraud in dark web markets use the Internet slang term “full information” to describe comprehensive data sets of personally identifiable information retrieved from phishing operations, web skimming activities on eCommerce platforms, and infected endpoint devices with malware and botnets.

Fullz typically includes payment details and logs. When a threat actor has complete personal information, they can use it to bypass online banking security measures and withdraw money from victims’ accounts.

Tools You Need When Cashing Out CC Fullz

Below are the tools and resources that need to be secured in order to perform the loan carding method via fullz:

  1. Primary Opsec.setup preferably, provpn
  2. A drop where a bitpay card can be delivered under the same fullz name, preferably,,, or
  3. The USA fullz together with a credit report

Steps in Applying for Loans Using Fullz

The following procedures are need to be anticipated with this loan carding approach:

  1. Sign up for a BitPay account at Ensure that you are utilizing your drop’s full facts correctly. BitPay will return an error if the fullz is different from your drop.
  2. Once you’ve paid the $10 fee, all you have to do is wait. Once it arrives, it will come with a verification paper, and you’ll need to verify the fullz information, and the account will be ready to use.
  3. On the following page, you’ll see your account and routing number appear on the dashboard upon clicking the “Direct Deposit” button. 
  4. We choose these ATMs for bank drops because they are simple to open, have a daily withdrawal limit of $10,000, and can be used anywhere in the world. As a result, they are an ideal target for fraudsters.
  5. To get started, you’ll need all these items. Do not utilize any of the big lending sites, as they are the most secure. Instead, go for tiny personal loan sites. Search for smaller personal loan sites on Google; some of the ones that work are:
    1. Nerdwallet
    4. RocketLoans
  6. If any of these little sites fail to work, you can choose another personal loan site. Sock5 in the same location as the fullz is what you want to accomplish after connecting to your VPN within your VM. Then, to increase your chances of success, using Chrome as your browser is recommended. Use your fullz name to create an email account.
  7. Any of these smaller personal loan websites should be your next port of call. If you borrow more than $2,000, they’ll call the fullz number. Just put something realistic like $60,000 per year if you don’t have details on salary amounts or anything else from the fullz. 
  8. Integrate your fullz. Using the fullz name on the bitpay card will let you deposit funds into the receiving bank account. Once you’ve submitted your application, you may hear back right away, or it may take up to 24 hours. If your socks5 is clean and your fullz is decent, you should be authorized. 24-48 hours later, you’ll get the money!
  9. The cash will be sent to your bitpay card, and you can then withdraw it all at an ATM, as there is no daily ATM limit for bitpay cards. 

For the best results, spread your loan applications out over a period of at least a week or two rather than cramming them all into a 24-hour period to avoid getting flagged as a scam.

The SBA approach and fullz method are often integrated with one another by various carders in the following ways:

  • They include the victim’s social security number in the Personal Identifiable Information (PII) (SSN).
  • They submit their application under the sole owner or independent contractor categories.
  • They offer a drop account that may be used for the electronic distribution of the grant.

Some Security Measures Employed Against Carding Methods

Since carding loans has become rampant in recent years, especially during the pandemic, several security measures have been employed and observed by banks and other related financial institutions to shield their clients from the threats posed.

Some of the recommendations are discussed below:

  • Increase the stringency of the verification methods used when online banking accounts are registered with government loan programs.
  • When combining cash apps and online banking with online platforms for economic injury loans, it is crucial to enable two-factor authentication.
  • Do not permit electronic payments to be made to prepaid debit accounts or any other kind of wallet that has not been validated.