The Green Dot Carding Method

The pandemic is considered one of the reasons why the instance of identity theft and credit card fraud has increased in the United States. In 2020, there were approximately 1.4 million reports of identity theft, and 393,207 of these cases were credit card fraud. It showed significant growth since 2019 when only 271,927 cases were reported.

One of the country’s most notorious credit card frauds is “carding,” where attackers hack and use other people’s credit card information. It’s one of the easiest credit card scams that no one should do.

An example of cardholders who fell victim to these illegal activities involves those who had Green Dot cards. To effectively avoid this scam, you need to learn more about it. Continue reading below to find out everything about the Green Dot Carding Method.

What Is Carding?

Carding is a form of credit card fraud where the “carder” steals debit and credit card information for unauthorized transactions. Other than loading prepaid cards, the carders can use the stolen card info to purchase branded and unbranded gift cards or other goods to be sold for cash. 

Carding is strictly prohibited, and anyone caught violating the law can be imprisoned and receive corresponding punishment.

How Does Carding Work?

There are various carding methods that carders use to scam people. Here we compiled the five most common carding attacks used by scammers and hackers.

  1. Phishing attacks, such as sending emails, making calls, or acting like a bank or company representative.
  2. Buying card information from the dark web or carding forums.
  3. Being tricked into installing malware.
  4. Obtaining data from skimming devices like ATMs and merchant locations.
  5. Hacking accounts during payment on an unreliable website.

Once the carders have obtained the required information, they will test the card numbers to see if they are still active and have not been reported as stolen. They do this by making small transactions on e-commerce sites, NameCheap, or live streaming sites. Once the sample transaction is completed, they will continue to steal funds until the cardholder’s money is cleared without their knowledge.

Things Required in Basic Carding

While a professional carder uses more advanced tools, here are the primary elements required in basic carding besides computer knowledge.

PC, Laptop, or Mobile Phones

At first, computers and laptops were the most used device in carding. They’re safer and more secure than mobile phones. But because of technology, hackers can now use Android and iOS devices with a strong VPN connection to hide their IP addresses.


SOCKet Secure is an internet protocol that hides IP addresses by routing network packets from client to server through a proxy. It’s more secure than any VPN software because it doesn’t leak DNS info, unlike VPN.

MAC Address Changer

This tool allows carders to change their NIC or Network Interface Card instantly. By changing this, it will stay anonymous and safe to use for carding.


This is a handy software tool that will clean the device’s browsing history. This includes temp files, cookies, and flash cookies.

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

This protocol, developed by Microsoft, provides a graphical interface that allows users to connect with any computer anywhere in the country. This way, users can utilize any computer for carding instead of their own.


The shipping address that the carder will use during the carding process.

Credit Card

American Express (AMEX), Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Network (Disco) are the cards used for carding. However, debit and prepaid cards, such as Green Dot cards, can be used for carding.

All About Green Dot

Green Dot is a modern financial technology and a registered bank dedicated to making modern banking and money transfers accessible and efficient for everyone. A Green Dot card is a debit card powered by Visa that can be used for online and in-store purchases, bill payments, and bank and money transfers. Since it’s not a credit card, owners have to reload the card with cash through bank transfers, MoneyPak, and retail stores before they can make a transaction.

Green Dot cards can be purchased via retailers such as CVS and Walmart and directly ordered from Green Dot online. Cards purchased in retailers are only temporary cards that must be loaded and registered before use while waiting for a permanent card. On the other hand, Green Dot cards purchased online come with an account number to make online or via phone while waiting for the physical card to arrive.

Now that you know the essential things about carding and Green Dot cards, it’s now time to learn the different Green Dot carding methods used by scammers and hackers. To better understand these Green Dot carding methods, put yourself in the situation where you are the “carder.” 

The green dot carding

Green Dot Carding Method via Cash App

Cash App is known for its carding scam where real cardholders saw unauthorized transfers and usage of their cards through the application. Like any other debit and credit cards used by many Americans, Green Dot card users can also be victims of this financial fraud. This is because Green Dot debit cards can be linked or added as a bank to Cash App, which makes it easier for carders to steal the card holder’s money.

The Requirements

Listed below are the basic requirements to successfully perform the Green Dot carding method using the Cash App.

Mobile Phone

Cash App is mainly used on mobile phones, and it can be downloaded from the Google Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS). If you want to use your PC, the application can be installed using third-party software like Bluestacks or Memu. The premium Cash App is the best version to use in Green Dot carding, but you will need to purchase it or download it free from the dark web or other carding forums.

The premium Cash App has been cracked to work in any location and to prevent Cash App manufacturers from tracking your activities and transactions. Always be careful in downloading applications because they might contain a virus that could damage your device. If the application is unavailable in your country, change your IP address and set it to the USA or UK.

Cash App Account

There are two ways to have a Cash App account for Green Dot carding. The first is by creating a new account, and the second is by using or buying an old account. You need to wait at least two weeks for new accounts before trying them out for carding.

Old accounts are recommended because they’re already verified and used for transactions. If you buy old Cash App accounts, make sure that they’re not flagged. These accounts are restricted and under surveillance and are not safe to use for carding.


Following this Green Dot carding method using Cash App, you will need a strong proxy server to keep your online identity and location private. Use a VPN to stay anonymous by concealing your IP address, hiding your location, and then alternate to SOCKS for or 5 to clear your IP. Also, you should only purchase SOCKS of the debit or credit card location you plan to use for carding.

Green Dot Card Fullz

If you’re new to “fullz,” it’s the slang word for complete information. This is what carders use to refer to a credit card that contains all the necessary information during the carding process. A Live CC indicates that you must have details and information on a card, but it does not mean it should be physically present. In addition, you can buy a Live CC with a BIN or Bank Identification Number from CC sellers on dark websites, carding forums, and blogs.

Here is more information you need to perform the Green Dot carding method.

  • The Green Dot account owner’s first, middle, surname, mother’s maiden name, and date of birth.
  • The complete billing address should include the city, state, country, and postal or zip code.
  • Phone number registered with the Green Dot card.
  • The Social Security Number or SSN.
  • Credit card information such as:
    • Credit Card Number – the 16 digits found on the front of the Green Dot card.
    • Expiration Date – also known as “valid thru” date in a month/year format at the front of the card.
    • Type of Card – for Green Dot, it’s a debit card.
    • CVV – the card verification value required to complete transactions is the three digits at the back of the Green Dot card.

The Method

The Green Dot carding method using Cash App is very similar to the process of topping up your Cash App account. But in this case, you must ensure your security by staying anonymous. You can follow these instructions for Green Dot carding.

  1. Turn on your VPN and SOCKS5 and download the application.
  2. Sign-up or login into your old or purchased Cash App account.
  3. Click the “Banking Tab” and link the Green Dot card to your Cash App account by entering the card details. Remember to remove any existing card in your account, click “My Cash,” tap the three dots near the CC and remove.
  4. Once it’s successfully linked, go back to the home screen and tap “Add Cash.”
  5. Enter the amount and click “Add.” You can use the Touch ID feature or input your PIN to confirm the transaction. The cash will then be deposited in your account.
  6. In getting the money, using a bank drop is recommended. This is not only to avoid cashback but also to avoid getting caught. To do that, remove the card details and add your bank details once the money is deposited.
  7. Choose the “Standard Cashout” first, which takes 1 to 3 business days, then locate your transaction and click on “Instant Deposit” to get it immediately. Do not send money at once and break it down to at least $500 per bank drop.

MoneyPak Fraud

Another well-known method of Green Dot carding is the Green Dot MoneyPak fraud. MoneyPak is a legit card sold by the company to reload money onto a Green Dot card. It is beneficial for users to make adding funds to their prepaid card faster and easier because it can be purchased at retailers, but scammers abuse this.

NYPD reported that there are two main scenarios used by carders. The first is the utility company scam, whereby thieves pretend to be workers at a utility company and claim that the victim’s bills are overdue and the service will be disconnected. The second is the internal revenue service scam, where victims are told they owe taxes, fees, or fines to the IRS and will be arrested if it remains unpaid.

This carding method starts with pretending to be an employee of a utility company and the IRS, calling your victim, and ordering them to pay immediately using Green Dot MoneyPak. Next, you will provide a phone number and email they will contact when they purchase the said card with sufficient funds. You can start draining the funds on the MoneyPak card once you get the 14-digit serial number that needs to be scratched on the back of the card.

Other Green Dot Card Scams

A Green Dot card is considered the “scammers tool of choice.” With this card, you can easily steal other people’s money by calling their phones. Winning cash, house, land, a vehicle, or being involved in crime are just a few of the scenarios often used in scams.

This is very similar to MoneyPak fraud, and the only difference is that victims have to buy a Green Dot debit prepaid card here. Since it is empty, it must be loaded and registered first. Once you’ve got the details of a Green Dot card, you can now spend or transfer money to their Green Dot cards, and it’s hard for anyone to trace.

Final Words

Now you know the different methods of Green Dot carding and how they work. Whether or not you use or plan to use this prepaid card, you now know how carders do it, which helps make it more avoidable. 

Do not immediately trust unknown calls or emails. Always check them before taking action.