review. Legit or scam.

A carding forum is dedicated to the sharing or stolen credit card information. Also, the forum members discuss and share techniques for obtaining and using card details. Users who are the first time use carding can find more useful and knowing information about the carding methods and stolen card details. carding forum is one of the most popular among cybercriminals both beginners and professionals. 

Checking the whois, we see that the domain CARDINGFORUMS.WS was registered in October’18, i.e. a year ago, and in Germany. The forum is running on vBulletin/.

Next, a few words about the design of the site. The logo of the website is the skull with the hat on the top and with bucks in the hands. The name of the website is Darknet Forum. The slogan is “The team of top-level carders”. The background of the web platform is black. There are some green and red elements as well. There are several tabs on the forum, including:

  • Escrow tracking
  • Verified sales
  • Escrow service 
  • Escrow address
  • WU transfer 

This store offers: trusted & verified Vendors, escrow middleman service, deposit BTC to user escrow wallet, exp. in 14 days.

Newbies, who decide to become carders on this carding forum, be sure to check out and read the Carding Forum Rules page that contains General Forum Rules:

  • Show respect towards forum staff and other members.
  • All threads/posts must be written in English.
  • This forum is open to all ages and nationalities 
  • Do not spam or abuse any member via thread, reply or private message.
  • Do not start arguments or use abusive language via thread, reply or private message.
  • No referral ID or links to sign up on other websites in signatures/threads or replies.
  • No links in signatures that lead to other websites.
  • You are allowed to have only 1 account here.

Moreover, new users have to Register or Login before start posting and reading. The register button is placed at the upper right corner of the website. 

There are some sections on the forum that include Home Administration, Underground market, Hacking Cave, Anonymity Cave, Darknet, Carders Cave, VIP section and others, where the registered members can post and write their thoughts and any information related to carding. 

On this underground criminal forum, users are offered to buy a variety of services ranging from DDOS and electronic hacking, ending with credit card data and stolen iPhones, and other electronics. Nicknames of the most popular vendors of the forum are 4Mine, Trosko, CCCs, Xakep. Good and reliable vendors are marked as Trusted & Verified Vendor. It means that these members have positive reviews and feedback from other users who ordered stuff in their sections. It means they are not frauds, and you can be sure to deal with them. 

This carding forum has an escrow-service that regulates the relationship between customers and vendors. When buyers can make orders, pay for them and be sure that their money will be back in case of orders not received. Escrow service is like a mediator on a trading platform that follows for both parties of the purchase. Not all carding forums provide this service, so is superior to other stores. Detailed information related to escrow service is located in the Escrow Tracking, Escrow Address, and Escrow Service tabs. 

We searched for the contacts of the website administration. As a result, we found only admin ICQ: 829533. The website administration checks if users follow the general rules of participating in discussions and making orders. In case a user breaks rules, he will get banned by the manager of the website. It is very important to carefully read and follow all the website rules. 

According to the forum statistics, from 1000 to 2000 users come to visit this website. They make some actions before going out. Before making an order, we’re looking for reviews about this web service from customers at different forums on the Internet. People left both positive and negative feedback. Therefore, we didn’t make our conclusion about this carding forum. However, our particular review makes us think that this platform is a good place for obtaining card details and other stuff. There is plenty of useful carding information, especially for newbies. 

Now we wanna warn you to be careful while carding or cashout. First of all, you have to keep your personal information by not leaving any data somewhere on such Darknet forums. Never use your real name for account registration, use only Tor browser or VPN that hides your IP-address. Otherwise, the police can easily find you, in case you be caught by doing illegal activities. Remember, that all carding activities: purchase of cc data, pay with stolen CVV or use it for other purposes – are prohibited by state law. 

You also need to be careful with carding vendors who can seem real but can turn out to be scammers. Check them before making an order and ask about their stores on the private forum. Don’t let them deceive you!

Hope this small review helps you somehow. Read our other reviews on carding forums and go to make carding with us!