Virtual carding, basic, tutorial.

The nuts and bolts of virtual carding.

Let’s get started with some terms and abbreviations.

CC — data about the owner’s credit card

FULLZ — full data about the owner’s credit card

Cardholders — people that own a card

Shop — an internet market

Ship — purchase of products on online market with the help of stolen credit card data

Drop — a person that will receive the parcel to his own address so as not to arouse suspicion of the store

Seller — a person that sells essential information of the card to the carders (CC FULLZ)

Payment — enter data about the card when you want to purchase products

Stuff — goods

Basic information about CC

To start with, the virtual credit card contains information about the card itself (CC) and card owner as well. Carders use this information with their own intentions.

There is an example of how standard CC looks like:

4345562261xxx0000*978*03/2019* Henxxx Gale*[email protected]*530-48-9727*VISA*CLASSIC*WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A.*DEBIT*USA*91506*Burbank*217 S. Lomita St.

As you can see, CC includes information about the credit card and its owner. Let’s find out what this information indicates.

At the beginning of the CC, we can see some numbers. These are 43455622xxx0000, and they mean credit card number (16 digits)

Next digits 978 is a security code (CVV2)

Then we see the card expiration date; in our case, it is 03/2019.

Henry Gale — a credit card also carries the first and last name of the cardholder.

Then the country of residence of the card owner and his/her city of residence comes. In our case, it is Burbank, The USA.

91506 — cardholder’s postal code.

293 S. Lomita St. — address of the owner of the card.

530-48-9727 — cardholder’s phone number. This is always optional information, and you may not find it in each CC.

[email protected] — cardholder’s e-mail. Also, optional information.

I like this particular format of CC because it is extra easy to understand all the information. Still, some sellers may give you information with unnecessary symbols or without digits. You won’t be able to understand all the provided information. So I would recommend verifying that seller provides the correct format of CC and you even may ask him to send some example CC as a successful deal guarantee.

Also, remember that you should know the system of your credit card ( VISA or MasterCard). You can find the information there:

The first digits of your card number determine its system. If the credit card number begins with:

5 — MasterCard

4 — VISA

3 — American Express.

With the help of this information, it becomes possible to pay in different internet markets.

Details that may be useful:

1. The security code of VISA and MC is three digit number, Amex — 4.

2. VISA and MC have a 16 digit card number, Amex — 15.

3. The information of the states in CC may be abbreviated, such as IL, SD, VT or WY.

4. If you cannot distinguish the location of the card owner city, Google will help you.

5. You aren’t able to predict card balance. Use specialized online controllers, but they may not be useful in your particular case. Be ready for it.

Basic data about FULLZ and Enroll

You may also need some extra details about the cardholder, for example, social security number (SSN), date of birth (DOB) or the first name of the cardholder’s mother (MMN).

There is an example of how standard FULLZ looks like:

4342562564835474 * 358 * 10/2022 * Jose Echevarria*07/23/1952*5184325507*[email protected]| Elias0502*549-86-2668*VISA*CLASSIC*WELLS Faro Bank, NA * DEBIT * USA * 94579 * San Leandro * 1275 Vining Dr

DOB 07/23/1952

SSN 5184325507

Full CC optionally may contain e-mail of the card owner, his phone number or data about the bank. This information may be needed for successful online paying.

However, you can find it on the standard CC.

So, why do we need FULLZ?

Extra FULLZ details are useful when we are going to register in the bank system and make an account (Enroll). The system may ask us to provide some more card owner’s data (SSN, DOB or MMN ). Then, you will be able to know the balance of a stolen card or edit the billing address.

Here I will show you the main pros of such an action.

I guess, it is pretty apparent why do we need to know the amount of money on the card balance, but you may have questions about profits of changing the billing address.

When we want to purchase in some online market, the store asks us to fill in the address of the card owner and delivery address. If addresses differ from each other, the market first thoroughly checks the order and then sends it.

However, if you enter one same billing and shipping address, the shop will send your order within 2 hours without any problems.

Still, things are a bit more complicated than they seem. You need to make an effort to change the billing address. The way of changing address includes taking a call to the bank, and, also, you need to have MMN or other information that you may find out on FULLZ.

Basic information about VBV, Security Code and extra card protection

The work of carders is getting harder every day, so don’t be mistaken about this point. Every minute bank employees were trying to figure out how to stop us. Finally, they came up with the creation of VBV that means Verified by Visa.

This system helps cardholders to protect their credit cards from hacking information. You need to enter the additional code that the bank has provided you when making payments. But in fact, VBV does not work properly and it is still possible to steal information such as the card number, owner’s name or expiration date.

Some cards have VBV, some not. For example, American Express hasn’t VBV, but MasterCard has related security system named Security Code.

Let me explain to you how carders can steal CC. The weakest link in the chain of banking information transmission is not always the user. It is a common thing that the bank itself is responsible for the loss of money. In general, the most significant leaks of information on credit cards came from large retail networks like Walmart; hacking them, carders steal millions of credit card information at once. Everything that is created by people can be hacked, and this happens mainly due to the carelessness of the banks themselves. They do not reliably protect their computer networks or use factory default passwords when installing equipment.

It is more challenging to hack cards with a chip, but still possible. As for 3D Secure, there are still many websites on the Internet that allow you to make a payment without entering a one-time code that comes in an SMS message. 3D Secure is not a panacea for cardholders since carders can change the phone number associated with the card and order a one-time password to it via the bank’s website.

Online security and anonymity

Let’s get started with a brief description of processes that come after purchasing products in online markets. We have two scenarios:

1. Nobody noticed the purchase and loss of money. In this case, everything went legally and there is no reason for excitement.

Such situations often happen if the cardholder does not have access to the card or it has a small balance.

2. In the second case, the cardholder notices the disappearance of money and turns to the bank for help. The bank tracks the latest transactions from the card and forces the store to return the money to the owner. In this case, all losses are covered by the market.

Then we also have two scenarios:

1. The market takes no action and you get your package.

2. The market owner does not want to have losses and goes to the local police. The probability that it will go further than conversation is almost nil.

But it is clear that you want to stay completely anonymous and have some online protection. I would recommend you to use such ways of protection as a Dedicated Server or Socks. Here you can find more information about carding software.

Reasons why it would be better to use a Dedicated Server.

The fundamental rule of virtual carding is to make purchases from a certain card until someone notices the fraud. You should not cause any suspicion in online markets. If the cardholder lives in Canada, then your IP must be Canadian. That’s the reason why we use a Dedicated Server.

Instructions for using to a Dedicated Server: start > execute > mstsc> IP After connecting to a dedicated server, an account window will pop up.

There you can see the standard format of Dedicated Server:; p0o9i8

Where digits are the IP address of the remote desktop; administrator is login account and p0o9i8 is the password.

Let’s repeat the material about why a dedicated server may or may not be suitable for you. As people say, a dedicated server is an excellent choice for carding, which will give you many opportunities, but in return, it will take time to configure and manage everything, as well as some financial expenses. If you read my article on how to properly configure a dedicated server for carding, then you are not afraid of the risk that you may get confused in the settings. Also with the help of virtual carding, you can recapture all expenses for using a dedicated server, and it will bring you more profit. So the benefit of using a dedicated server is vast.


I would recommend you to cooperate with a drop only when it is absolutely necessary. For example, the market does not provide transfer of the products to your country or city.

In other cases, you can simply order goods at your own address.

Let’s look at the examples of why it is beneficial to use a drop.

If the cardholder lives in Canada, and you order the package to Bulgaria, there is a high probability that your order be refused or asked to do some additional authorization. In this case, it is profitable to use the services of a drop in Canada.

In short, carders use drops not for protection, but for sufficient orders.

Carders define drops in two categories:

1. Drop that understand his role in the fraud process and do his job carefully.

2. Drop that didn’t realize that he is a part of the fraud process.

There are different ways to find drops. You can hire a special person that finds you a drop or you can find drops yourself using online forums or hiring websites.


Please pay attention to this part of the text. Information about markets is critical to successful online shopping.

Many people think that the primary job of carders is to search for CC and to fill it out when buying. However, things aren’t so simple. Before you start working as a carder, you need to figure out which stores are worth making purchases, and which ones are not.

Before making a purchase, you must (!) to know the billing address and delivering address.

The main list of online stores with the simple process of making a purchase, you can find in Google search. Here are some of my tips to help you deal with it:

1. The store should have the option of payment by card.

2. The store should have the option of filling the address by customer (not just the card data)

3. The store should have a delivery to the needed country.

Keep in your mind the point that it is difficult to know whether the store provides delivery in your country or not. You should perform a purchase there, and only after filling in the information about the cardholder you can be 100% sure whether there is a delivery to your country or not. In short, I will tell you again about the process. You need to open the website you need, and you are looking for the required delivery data. So you can instantly eliminate the markets that do not suit you. Then you register on the site and start the buying. There is a high possibility that you will see if delivery to your address is possible or not in the middle of the actions.

It is your responsibility to pay attention to all these points so that you can make your order successfully. If the store does not have at least one of these criteria, then your purchase will not be made.

You can make your list of stores based on my tips and use them in the future.

Furthermore, you can read this guide to be good at finding suitable online stores.

Tips to make a successful purchase

After reading all this text, you can understand that the main task of carders is to make a successful online purchase. There you can see additional advice that will help you to be a professional carder.

1. Cardholder’s country and your IP should match.

2. Make a purchase before lunch.

3. Make a purchase on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (most profitable days).

4. Never buy products to the one address several times from the same market.

5. Don’t purchase with same CC several times. This rule will help you to take care of your safety.

6. If your address does not match with the cardholder’s country and you cannot do anything about it, buy things with the low price (usually not more than $ 300)

7. The rule is: the lower the price of the products, the higher the chances to make a successful purchase.

8. You can save your money on the knowledge that delivery is included in the price of the order.

Payment method step by step

Your first step is join to the Dedicated Server. Then you should open a shop, click on the products that you want to buy, add them to cart and click on the checkout. Your next step is registration on the website. There you fill in data that you get from CC and your own data as well (e-mail, shipping address). Don’t forget to choose the card payment method.

Then the other website page will pop up (optionally). Fill in CC information once more.

Now you need to wait several hours for a confirmation email.

Why it may not work

1. Incorrect CC

2. IP is different from cardholder’s country/state

3. The store increased security measures due to carders’ actions.

What is going on after payment.

Do not celebrate early, because the payment does not give a 100% guarantee of receiving the parcel.

You will receive emails of all following updates.

Most likely, you will first receive a letter of thanks from the store where you made the payment. Then you will receive letters with more detailed information on whether your purchase is successful or not. You may be notified of a successful transaction or the need to provide the proof that you are the owner of the card.

Shipping methods

Three primary delivery companies are DHL, EMS, and USPS.

Also, you can track your delivery by order number on