Buy CVV (fullz) and make the store believe you.

I am sure that you have often encountered a problem when you have a proven CC, but the store does not accept your order. In this article, I will tell you how to make the store believe that you are a real cardholder and you can be trusted. I will tell you a few real cases from my work as a carder so you can understand the situation and how to solve potential problems. You may have a completely different situation, but my stories will help you analyze your position and be ready to interact with an online store.

The first case. Somehow in the news, I heard that massive fires broke out in Canada. A little thought, I realized that this information could help me in my profession. I immediately bought a Canadian CVV and made an order at an online store that sold iMacs. My story was: I am a person who urgently leaves the city because of fires and forgets the laptop there, but instantly need it for work. The store employees sympathize with me and sell an iMac without any questions. For higher result, I bought CVV from the city where fires occurred (this information was easily checked on the Internet).

The benefit of this situation is also the situation if the support service starts to refuse, you can either put pressure on the pity or start accuse store employees depending on the situation.

Remember that you always need to act on the situation and make unexpected decisions based on what is happening in your country β€” for example, weather conditions, political events and so on.

One more tip. Be creative in your work. Do not think that the work of the carder is only filling in someone else’s card information and choosing the right stores. For example, if you want to order a gift certificate, take care of the text that will be written there. Do not stop on two words β€” it may cause suspicion and unwanted questions from the store employees. You can come up with a great congratulation to your loved one, it looks realistic, and the seller will not recheck your information. If the store still has doubts – turn on the imagination. Once I was asked why the billing and shipping addresses do not match. I replied that insects were in my home and while they were being poisoned, I lived with my friend in another place. My letter seemed very realistic, and eventually, they believed me, and I received my purchase.

Here is another example of the successful using of creativity in virtual carding. Once I saw on the news that terrible weather condition was in Utah and there was massive snowfall. I took this into account, and when the store workers asked me why billing and shipping addresses differ, I replied that it was impossible to stay in Utah because of the weather and I went away to my relatives in Hawaii. At first, they did not believe me, so I had to forge a plane ticket from Utah to Hawaii. After that, I successfully received my order, and they also gave me a discount for the next purchase due to the discomfort.

In addition, I will tell you the last story that explains how to act in different critical situations when you are a carder. So, once I ordered a purchase that cost several thousand dollars from one American store. The purchase was expansive, but the store confirmed my order without any questions, and I received the package. Therefore, I decided to use their services again, and the second time I made an order from their online store. I was amazed because they confirmed my purchase a second time. I wondered where all this could go, and I made the order for the third time. Then I received an email saying that I was spotted in fraud and they would not send anything to me. Then I sent them the answer that I am the real cardholder, and I am not going to deceive the store. Moreover, as proof, I wrote to them that the bank froze my accounts due to the credit delay and I am ready to make a payment from another bank card. The shop owner thought for a long time but eventually agreed to my terms and conditions, and again I purchased for several thousand dollars and got the package.

My last advice is that you need to communicate directly with the store. Do not be afraid to talk with the store employees, call them first and ask them about your purchase. The best offense is always a strong defense. If you call the store first, it will look realistic. No one would think that a carder is calling a call center and trying to cheat employee. The employee will think that you are just another customer who cannot decide on order or figure out something. For example, once I wanted to order a phone from one American online store. I needed to call there. Trying to make everything more convincing, I turned on American radio on the background. When I called there, the employee thought that since I had American radio on the background, it meant that I live in America and everything was clear. Then I began to ask them about the model of the phone, which my friend allegedly advised me. They believed me, and after a while, I sat at home and filled out the data from the card to purchase mobile that cost several thousand dollars. Conclusion: do not be afraid to control the situation. The first few times you will be scared to talk with employees, but then you get used to it, and it will become your main chip in virtual carding. Include fantasy and tell realistic stories, so that no one will think that you are a carder.